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23 March 2014 @ 06:50 pm
Uhh.. /*wipes dusts spider webs off the LJ*/

Nyuu~ I've abandoned this LJ far too long. I found a new nest. That's my tumblr. ohoho.

Some communities require members to be active before I can join. I am active! Just not here D:

I am ACTIVE ON TUMBLR here: kirakirakuragepyon

So yesh, this post is to say, WATASHI WA MADA IKITEIRU YO~ \(^ o ^)/ *SMACKED*

And in full-blast Hakuouki/Hijikata-san/Hakumyu fever too lol *oni smack*

Haiii~ pyons out!

YAYYYYY! today is 4th of January deshou?! which tomorrrowww is.. and since its already 11pm here, its already 12am in JAAPANNN sooooo~ *drum rolls*
お誕生日おめでとう, てっちゃん! <3

Dear Tecchan, please stay genki and cute ne! May God bless you in everything! Arigatou, because of you, i had a great time melting-evaporating-condensing myself LOL XD HONTOU NI DAISUKI DESU! AISHITERU YO, キミだけ、てっちゃnだけ! [god, i sucks at birthday wishes =_=]

YOSH! Since its Tecchan's birthday tomorrow i wanna share some icons with minna! I was experimenting with icons and and i 'accidently' made some icons since few days ago (yeah it took me two days, since im a noob and a NG when it comes to graphic thingy) XD; I've been thinking of contributing something to this fandom too, so i think this is the only thing i can do for Tecchan and minna who loves him AS MUCH AS i do. fufu~

kocchi kocchi, some previews :)


teppeiloveyou :3Collapse )
i know they're nowhere near good (this is my 2nd time makin' icons XD;;) but i hope minna will like it! ^^v
- COMMENTS are loved
- CREDITS are unnecessary but, i LIKE! XD

oki, yoroshiku ne minna! *runsss*
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13 July 2009 @ 06:43 pm
RAWR RAWRCollapse )
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13 July 2009 @ 06:46 am
sayonara to my lovely holidays!
irasshai to the stupid sem 3! ;_;
yadaa, i dont wanna go to any classes!Collapse )
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06 July 2009 @ 09:54 pm
minnaaaaa, minnnaaaaaaaaa. im URESHII yo!
ah gomen ne, its me AGAIN *gets massive glares*.
im spamming my LJ syeesh~ XD
ok nuff already shahila. you're totally exaggerating XD *gets massively bricked*
hokay. no im just too excited. i cant help it but to share this nonsense here.
minna can ignore me if you want too. hahahaha.

ahh if you read my previous post ne; "its green", that happened around april and now im here to give minna some updates! lalala~

blue. yellow. red. green.
its ALL MINE now! *maouish chuckle*

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06 July 2009 @ 09:44 pm
I posted this entry on my blogspot a few months ago I think? In april! And because there’s some updates, I post it hereee! YATTA! :3
(pls refer to the next post after u red this ne! XD MECCHA IMPORTANT UPDATE!)

----------------DAY 1----------------------
”me.arashi.colours.bottle”Collapse )
------------------DAY 2-------------------------
hahha hahaha hahaha and ahahahah. minnaaaa! its green its green! ^______________^;

what the hell is going on with me ne? T_T hahaha. i keep making fuss about coloursss since yesterday, ne minna? im going crazy am i? am i? ;DDD YABAI!

YELLOW? no, green.

GREEEEENNNN. yes its green.

its green!Collapse )
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05 July 2009 @ 07:05 pm
okay shahila YOU are silly! T_________T
ahahah i know that. but but..

ne minna you know what, this girl is talking in her sleep last night! HAHAHA.
HAZUKASHII *hides behind oh-chan*
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doko doko?: HERE! X3
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05 July 2009 @ 04:42 pm
*drum rolls*
YATTAAAAAAA! It's nino an-chan's birthday bash yesterday!
wohooo~ it was great! minna SAIKOU! i really had a great time yesterday. the ureshiiness & happiness is just.. *speechless* i cant describe it, its too AWESOME!

yes the long awaited day ne; NINOMIYA KAZUNARI's bday bash! (^0^)9
nino bash. cosmic bowl. mid valley.
bowling tournament!

deaete yokatta minna; ARASHIANs, MnAians, Senpais! :3Collapse )
*gets bricked*
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01 July 2009 @ 03:07 am

i've come back again with my second drawing like i've promised before ne?
atlast, i've managed to finish it. YAY for me! Y(^0^)Y

ja, lets proceed to the picture ne;

JYAN~ what do you think minna? :D

its bad isnt it? HAHAHA. *gets bricked*
okay okay this is actually the original sketches and the upper one are the coloured version! PREVIEW desu! :3

YOSH! lets see the final result. iku yo! (^0^)9

ARASHI stronger than ever! ikimashou yo!Collapse )
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lalala: Hello Goodbye by Aiba Masaki
doumo minna-san! :D
genki? genki?
i've got something to share with minna :">
its not really good but i hope somebody will like it XD

HERE HERE :3Collapse )
oh-chan: fishing! XD with his katsuo-kun! i dont know how to draw katsuo soo.. a normal fish would do i suppose? :| anyway, i spent hours and hours just to create that 'oh-chan' XD i wanna make sure he's the kawaiiest :3 no no im not being bias here *gets massively bricked X3*

nino: games + magician. i love that starry eyes of nino XD but unfortunately im too lazy to give it a final touch so it looks kinda weird :|.

sho: teehee~ a ZERO newscaster! i stared at BELIEVE PV the whole time, in order to get some picture of sho's hair XD o yeah, seriously the yattaman somehow made me go 'KIMOCHI WARUI!' XDDDD i thought i wanna erase it but but it'll cause the picture to be messier, so i just leave it there :3 and one more thing isnt there too much sho in this picture? XDD *gomen oh-chan! CHUUs*

aiba: at first ne, i wanna draw aiba-chan in a croc costume but i end up drawing him playing with croc-kun, ehm ehm more aiba-ish deshou? :D

jun: eto~ because i think jun was kinda princey, jun-sama's kingdom! XD

teehee~ special thx to syusyu & twin. this pic is specially dedicated to them! ^________^
and minna-san too! (:

seriously im a NO GOOD in arts but i love arts too much! so comments are loved! (:
if u wanna give me some tips or advices, please feel free to do so ne?! :D

YOSH! im all fired up to draw moreee n moreeee chibi arashi 8D
i wanna polish my drawing skill and be like my one and only oh-chan! yay!
doko doko?: himitsu desu! ;D
kimochi (;: creativecreative
lalala: Niji